Online TutoringAre you looking for a live private tutor to help you succeed in school?

Are you looking for a personal English Tutor?

Are you looking for a tutor to help your elementary child get better grades or do well on the standardized tests in the spring?


Well this site is for you!

First here are the benefits you will gain from this site…


Free Benefits – Open to everyone!


  • Many free tips and tricks to get your child to want to learn

  • Free tips to make learning fun for older students

  • Free tips to learn English better

  • Free and fun education resources for all ages


Benefits for Students


  • Access to a live private tutor – during a setup time – sessions will be 45 minutes long – and 15 minutes for feedback by the student and/or parent

  • Calendar will be on the site and you can see before you purchase if a time is available for you!

  • Access to private tutor’s tips page where more in depth tips and strategies will be shared

  • Access to private videos the tutor will post on the site for more detailed tips and strategies for learning.

  • You will have control over some of your or your child’s learning… Feedback will be utilized and whatever is of interest the tutor will find relevant content! If something isn’t working, utilize the 15 minute time slot to discuss what you think would work!



 Tutors will help the parents who are struggling to remember those hard Math problems or any other subject in school.

Parents can learn right along side the student during a lesson as well – NO EXTRA CHARGE!


Benefits for Tutors

Teach when you want from the comfort of your own home. Charge what you believe you are worth not what a tutoring company wants to pay you. Have the flexibility to create your own lessons. Teach many students at once.

How much $$$$ will this cost me?

Right about now you are wondering what the cost is in all of this… This depends on the tutor. Every tutor is free to charge what he or she believes their classes are worth. There will be a page dedicated to tutors here (coming soon) that will show each tutor and their pay scale. This is the place you will want to check to plan what classes and pay best suit your needs.

How do I get started?

To become a tutor Click here (Link coming soon)

To become a student click here (Link coming soon)

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