Online TutoringAre you looking for…

  • Live private tutor?
  • Personal English Tutor?
  • Tutor to help your elementary child get better grades/do well on the standardized tests?
  • Get your child ready for the upcoming school year?
  • Have a tutor without leaving your home

Well this site is for you!

Here is what you need…

Google Account and a PayPal Account

  • You need a Google account. You will use Google hangouts to meet with tutor, Google documents to share lessons, and a G-mail email account for any contact outside of the tutor time.

  • Beyond that, you must have internet access with a webcam. 


Benefits for Students

  • Access to a live private tutor – during a setup time – sessions will be 45 minutes long – and 15 minutes for feedback by the student and/or parent

  • Calendar will be on the site and you can see before you purchase if a time is available for you!

  • Tutor can record lessons on YouTube as well, however there will be a delay while in the actual lesson, this is optional and must be requested prior to the lesson.

  • You will have control over your or your child’s learning… Feedback will be utilized and whatever is of interest the tutor will find relevant content! If something isn’t working, utilize the 15 minute time slot to discuss what you think would work!



 Tutors will help the parents who are struggling to remember those hard Math problems or any other subject in school. Request this info during the 15 minute time slot for feedback. If there isn’t time that day to cover the content the tutor will use the next session’s 15 minute time slot to teach to the parent.

Parents can learn right along side the student during a lesson as well – NO EXTRA CHARGE!

If you are interested in becoming a Tutor

  • Please contact me at the contact us page. I will give you a user name and password and build you your tutor page.
  • Teach when you want from the comfort of your own home.
  • Charge what you believe you are worth not what a tutoring company wants to pay you.
  • Have the flexibility to create your own lessons. Teach many students at once.
  • Make sure you have a Google account before contacting Live Private Tutor
  • There will be a fee for using my site and my time building your site as well as marketing for you.

How much $$$$ will this cost me?


Right about now you are wondering what the cost is in all of this… This depends on the tutor. Every tutor is free to charge what he or she believes their classes are worth.

There will be a page dedicated to tutors here (coming soon) that will show each tutor and their pay scale.

This is the place you will want to check to plan what classes you need and what pay best suit your needs.


I will charge a one time fee of $20 to build your page and do marketing so you have students.

Then there will be a small commission 5% from each of your students just for using my site. This money will go to upgrades on the site to make it more user friendly and add on other plugins that make it a better experience for all! An example is if you charge $15 per session then I will collect $0.75 each session. This is to ensure you do not pay anything if you are not using the site. Otherwise I would have to charge a monthly fee for your use.

How do I get started?

To become a tutor Click here (Link coming soon)

To become a student click here (Link coming soon)